Tailored to client objectives, and vary based on duration and type of engagement. Key concepts, principles, and deliverables are designed together with a client. Duration of these programs can range from half a day to multi-day, depending on availability, expectations, and budget.

Example engagements:

Practicing Outside IT

Embracing findings of software development world in any workplace environment. Attendees learn how to use Agile practices and principles in their own reality, regardless of their position within organization. Applicable in any sector of industry. Works best as a two day workshop.

Team Flow Experience

Short (one day) and intensive workshop allowing attendees to experience benefits of shortening lead times in a simulated environment and applying them in workplace. Works best when tailored to specific organization process.

Scrum and Beyond

Intensive two day workshop for software development teams. Attendees learn basics first – principles of Agile with psychological background supporting it, familiarize themselves with Scrum framework. They have an opportunity to test it in a simulated project. Following that, they learn less known techniques of handling flow, improving quality, and sharing knowledge. When coupled with stakeholder support, this workshops drastically improves team’s work throughput.

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