you stand before a large auditorium and deliver a brilliant speech. One that is organized and easy to comprehend. One that gives your audience actual value and awes them. One that you deliver with effortless confidence.

What would it feel like?

Reading this book will give you the tools to get there fast.

It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide covering crucial factors of public speaking:

Things to consider before you even start preparing.

Timeless rules of composition.

Tips on how to catch audience’s attention even more.

Ways to handle the father of all fears – the stage fright.

A set of tips and tricks allowing you to raise the bar.

Just remember – this book is not about PowerPoint.

This book is about the essence of art creation.

The rules are the same, whatever you do.

Choose your flavor:

Paperback, for old school afficionados


Kindle, because 1-Click buying is actually cool