Optimized Agile Training

Interactive two-day workshop designed to enable participants to fill in the blanks in their organizations agility. Workshop is followed by alignment sessions spread over 3 months.

Limited seats: up to 12 participants per session.

When and where?

22-23.11.2018, Katowice

29-30.11.2018, Wrocław

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Attendees will be able to identify areas where agility is lacking and introduce specific Agile practices and principles to improve it. Their organization will be able to follow evolving market reality more flexibly to gain and improve competitive advantage.


  • Typical misunderstandings of Agile, resulting in Failed Agile Transformations (FAT)
  • Avoiding FAT – specific framework to improve organizational agility:
    • Selection
    • Backtracking
    • Calculation
    • Analysis
    • Application
    • Systemization
  • Trimming FAT – updating and improving existing Agile practices
    • Validation
    • Transformation
  • Practical approach to shortening lead times


Workshop: 2 days

Alignment sessions: biweekly hourly Skype call per attendee for 3 months

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