My documentary – Recipe for Grandeur – is now live. Almost one hour long story of how – in reality – does it look when one wants to change themselves and get SERIOUS about it. If you want to live more fully, you will benefit from it.

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About one year ago, I wrote an article about monkeys and ladder experiment. Despite seeing someone posting it on LinkedIn at least once a week, it was never conducted. The analogy is useful as a brilliant explanation on how people in workplace can become conditioned to do something completely senseless.

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How can you make sure your daily meeting is worth the time and make it better? See for yourself.

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What’s your take on it?

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Use three core Agile practices (visibility, prioritization, limiting work in progress) to achieve more, in a more controlled way – regardless of your line of work. You can easily use them even in your private life.

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A while ago, I got to visit a software company experiencing post-startup phase. The moment in which the business is no longer small enough for everybody to know each other, yet it’s still too small to have the usual inclinations towards corporate mindset. This time is very special, as it defines and clarifies it’s culture for the next period of time.

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Unwillingly, I rolled down the window. Police officer standing by my vehicle introduced himself in a regulatory way and then moved into the essentials:

– You were driving a bit fast…
– Yes, I know – I was sincere, which wasn’t necessarily the best option.
– Where’s the rush?

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Sometime last year, when I still allowed myself to mindlessly surf the web every now and then, I stumbled onto really weird photo. While it’s easier to find something like this than something worthwhile, this one was really odd. It showed, for lack of a better description, a bunch of obese people destroying bathroom scales with baseball bats. Read more