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Non-Obvious Books on Agile Philosophy

In recent months, I ran dozen trainings on Agile aimed at (mostly) non-IT crew of a very large and old company. It was extremely challenging to my comfort zone, especially as it meant the whole course to be rebuilt from scratch. I had to stay as far as possible from IT-related terminology, examples, and practical […]

Failed on Your New Year’s Resolution Yet?

With staggering regularity, millions of people worldwide make their commitments to change their lives on that single night. This is the time when we all notice we’ve moved closer to dying and that our passing might be filled with extremely painful regret – that we failed to meet our own expectations. It’s a little surprise […]

The Modern Fable of Monkeys That Are Actually Humans

There was the famous experiment on monkeys. You get five of them into a cage with ladder, with banana on top of it. As soon as they enter the cage, monkeys immediately rush to get their beloved food. But reaching for ladder triggers cold shower. Quickly, monkeys realize that this banana should be left alone. […]


Interview by Samir Penkar

Some time ago, I was interviewed by Samir Penkar, who’s researching the future of project management. For this particular conversation, we discussed the Scrum Master role. Check the video below to see where it got us. Make sure to visit Samir’s blog and follow him on LinkedIn for more interviews and his interesting insights.


Language Hack to Improve Quality of Decisions You Make

Setting aside the enormous power of our habits, several times each day, we still have a conscious choice to make. While we usually fail to notice that, each of them is inevitably influenced by complex set of biases. And there are literally hundreds of these. Just see this amazing infographic. Despite corporate pushes to always […]

Just Another Sunday

There’s a big project I’m working on in my life. While it’s too early to share more details, I can only say that hardly anything I did before was as exciting to me. I devote every available hour of my private life to this effort, which says a lot. There are no off days for […]

Fallacy of Time-based Estimates

I know a guy incredibly fond of estimating development effort for a ‘scrum’ team in hours. Because, apparently, it’s the best tool to increase developers performance. Ouch. On so many levels. For so many reasons. As the science of engagement screams in pain while dying, let’s just repeat: ouch. Of course, there are some arguments […]


Wasting Money on Experts

At one point or another, every organization turns to hiring some truly experienced staff. People possessing skills unavailable in-house. Those that not only deliver more than the rookies – their performance can be seen as shocking. Their insights reach well beyond what’s visible to the naked eye. The experts. Sometimes they turn whole business around […]