Hi! My name is Lukasz and I welcome you to my blog. If you’d like to know a thing or two about me, here’s how it is:

I’m a living proof that Adobe Photoshop is well worth its price – photo on the right says it all.

You could say I’m into IT for three decades – that is, if geek kid pushing BASIC code into his Atari counts. Anyway, with programming, I went as far as earning very decent living using assembly. Yes, that means I actually know how computers work. Weirdly, it’s not that common in the industry nowadays.

As a teenager, I was that kid watching CNBC to understand how NYSE and international markets operate. In the meantime, I kept pushing my PC beyond limits, installing Windows 95 on 386 with 5 megabytes of RAM and 130 megs hard drive. Add these two and you’ll know why I struggled when choosing college, so I needed to make a wise choice.

I flipped a coin and ended up being programmer.

Then manager. Then the Agile began and I became the worst Scrum Master I’ve ever seen. Then (hopefully) a somewhat better Product Owner. Then Agile Coach.

Now I run a small strategic consulting agency, focusing majority of my own time on working hands-on with Collibra – Belgian-Polish-American company that actually created their own category of software – data governance.

I’m introvert, yet I love to go on stage and boldly challenge all the misconceptions, myths, and legends that arose around Agile on numerous conferences.

I wake up extremely early – 4:20AM.

I’m a philosopher of stoicism and essentialism. By pure coincidence (or not), these two streams of thought actually combine to create what I mean by Agile.

I lived in seventeen different places, before deciding to settle in Wroclaw, Poland. For now.

As a passionate petrol-head, I believe jogging to be reserved for lunatics only – which explains why you can see me jogging few early mornings each week.